In general, fishing rod has two types of spinning and casting, flyrod except. However, due to the styles of the lure, operation techniques, water area and target fish. Fishing rod is divided into many tiny types, such as: bassrod, troutrod, flyrod, seabassrod, egirod, jiggingrod, etc.


Fishing rod length

The average length of freshwater rod is between 1.8 meters and 2.1 meters. The general length of the waterway Aachen is between 2.7 meters and 3.3 meters. The freshwater road Asian fishing generally emphasizes delicate handling. Therefore, the fishing rod should not be too long to affect the handling. Nature; seawater sub-fishing is mainly used on ships, coastal areas, breakwaters, if the length of the fishing rod is too short, there is a possibility that the flying fish is not easy and the fishing line is easily cut by the reef.

Fishing rod tonality

Lua's tonality is illustrated by the more familiar telescopic ,. “1-9 tune” and “2-8 tune” are equivalent to “FastAction” in the standard of Lu Yazhen; “3-7 tune” “4 -6 tune is called "SlowAction". In the middle is the "MediumAction", which extends. If you use the soft bait fishing group, in order to accurately capture the fish message and the delicate control, you should use the more acute and hard "FastAction"; if you use the hard bait fishing group Seeking more stroke performance or performing large-scale movements in a small range, you should use the relatively soft "SlowhAction", which is generally used for "SlowAction". Depending on how you use it, this is a term that is commonly used in discussions. For convenience, most of the Lua's specifications will be displayed on the fishing rod, so you can distinguish the type from the model, from soft to hard with UL (UltraLight) super soft / L (Light) soft / ML (MediumLight) soft Adjust /M (Medium) Middle / MH (MediumHeavy) Medium Hard / H (Heavy) Hard Tone / XH (ExtraHeavy) Super Hard Tone.

Common parameters of Lure

Lua's self-important light, the quality of the guide ring on the raft is higher, because in the process of fishing, it is necessary to keep throwing. In the general throwing, the medium dice are better used, and the tweezers used for the operation of the surface system (fast or extrafast) can maximize the vitality of the lure with the dice.


The soft to hard representation of the dice is:


According to the curve of the dice, the action is divided into:

S——Slow; M——Medium; MF——Mediumfast; F——Fast; XF——Extrafast.

The above from S to XF indicates that the bending point of the dice is getting closer and closer.

The control of scorpion's POWER and LINEWT. (maximum tension of the line) & LUREWT. (bait weight) is as follows:


The above data is not absolute, different brands and markets will be slightly different.

Selection of the length of the scorpion

In the case of Danshui Road, the usual length of Luya is between 5'0" and 7'6". It is also possible to hold the wheel seat in one hand depending on the height, and the other hand can touch the tip.

All in all, no matter what the fishing, a good scorpion should be made: the center of gravity is back, the hand feels comfortable, the curved curve is smooth, and the rebound elasticity is excellent, so that it can maintain enough "waist force" after the fish. Not that the squid process consumes too much physical strength, and that it is possible to increase the speed of the fish, which can be very helpful for a tight game.

Know Luya Straight Handle

Straight Handle

For Lu Ya fishing beginners, it is best to learn Lu Ya fishing method from the straight handle  spinning reel. The grip of the straight shank, the corresponding shank of the handle, is different from the handle of the gun under the wheel.

The guide ring is generally a single leg ring and the ring hole is much larger than the gun handle. Mainly to minimize the friction when the line is out.

Advantages: The outlet is smoother than the handle and the cast is farther.

Disadvantages: Because the ring hole is huge, the direction and position of the bait are not well controlled after the bait is thrown out.

Spinning Reel

The spinning wheel is out of the line, smoother than the other wheels, and the direction is also difficult to master. At the same time, it is also because the direction is not easy to control, throwing farther these two characteristics, so the straight handle with the spinning wheel is the best choice.

Newcomer Tip: If you use a straight handle with a drip wheel, you will be laughed at by everyone.

Gun handle

The name of the handle Aachen and the straight shank is the shape of the handle at the wheel base, as shown in the figure: the handle of the handle has a protrusion similar to the pistol trigger on the back of the wheel seat, and straight There is no handle. This is only a difference between the two types of tweezers. In addition, the shape and structure of the wire loops are also quite different. The cross-loop of the Axis of the straight shank adopts a single-leg structure, and the handle of the handle is a double-leg structure. The first pass-through guide ring of the Axis of the Straight-handle, that is, the guide ring closest to the Luya wheel, is of a large size, and the first guide ring of the Aachen of the handle is much smaller.

The gun handle Lua is designed to install the horizontal axle sub-wheel. His trigger handle is designed to prevent the carcass from slipping out of the hand during the process of throwing the fish back and forth. Since the road roller is installed above the carcass, when the carcass is bent by the tension of the fishing line, the line applied to the leg of the wire loop is the pressure pointing in the direction of the carcass, and it is reasonable to use the double leg structure to pass the wire loop. too much. However, there are also some soft-tuned freshwater guns. The guides on the second quarter of Luya have a single-legged crossover ring, which is also used for the design of the fishing rod, but the first crossing ring must use double feet.

Lu Ya's main accessories include the wire loop (referred to as the guide eye), the pulley seat, the handle, the tail piece, the decorative ring, the hook and so on.

2, Reel Base

The role of the wheel base is to fix the fishing reel, which is mainly divided into tubular and plate-shaped two categories. Among them, the tubular split handle and the handle are two major categories, the following small classification is particularly large, and the shape of the plate is less.

The method of judging the quality of the tubular wheel seat:

(1) Look at the appearance first, whether there is flaws, flying thorns, raw edges, flat surface finish, and flatness. Because the tubular wheel housing is an injection molded part, there are mold seams on the product, as well as gates and top feeds. The quality of these parts reflects the quality and manufacturing level of the mold. Once there is a defect, the mold cannot be changed.

(2) Look at the feel: turn the nut by hand and feel the resistance. The smaller the resistance, the more uniform, the better the quality. Many wheel nuts with different quality are different in different parts, and the feeling is “slow and tight”.

(3) There is a groove in the threaded part on the back of the wheel seat, which is used to prevent the clamp from dislocating. Hold the clamp attached to the nut by hand and turn it. If the clamp rotates and breaks out of the groove, then The quality is not good.

[Last talk about the handle]:

The handle materials are mainly EVA and cork. Since more than 85% of the world's surimi softwood materials are imported from Portugal, there is a shortage of softwood resources and it is expensive. Cork is divided into pure natural cork, soft cork, compressed cork, rubber cork, etc. Pure natural cork is divided into C grade, B grade, A grade, AA grade, AAA grade, and cork subcontract EVA. Pack compression cork and so on.


In short, a nephew involves many aspects. When you buy, you must decide which aspects are the main and which are the times according to your actual needs. For ordinary consumers, tonality, feel is the first, the quality of accessories is the second, followed by the finish, work and so on.